What an honor...

WOW, I am so honored that you chose ME to work with you! Your time and investment is not a privilege I take lightly. I promise to make this as smooth and fun for you as I possibly can!

If you have any questions do not hesitate to send me an email (lightfilledlifephotography@yahoo.com)

This page has information for each type of session, an overall styling guide, and general information. Scroll through and find your session type to get started!

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So what should I expect from a session with you?

FUN!! Yes! We are going to have so much fun and I can NOT wait to laugh with & love on your family. My sessions are not "cheese" and look at the camera - they are full of snuggles, laughs, dress twirls and connection. I plan to tell YOUR family's story while honoring my style of photography. This means I will read over your questionnaire (attached to this email) and cater my prompts and suggestions to your family, to capture sweet gestures and moments that truly mean the most to you.

Prepare to interact, play, cuddle while oddly enough, NOT looking at the camera much. I want to show you how gorgeous you look while

being a mom/wife/dad and that requires letting your guard down and justing being in the moment with your family. Don't worry - I wont leave ya hanging! I achieve this by giving directions and prompts that bring out emotions and I will set the "scene" so to speak- and keep us rolling.

Northern Virginia in home Newborn Photographer

Your Newborn Session

Most of the time these newborn sessions are done in the comfort of your own home (unless you have specifically requested an outdoor session, which is HIGHLY weather dependent). I love being able to come to your space and capture these oh so quickly fleeting moments. From baby's wispy little hairs to their flakey feet all parts of your newborn will be embraced and not overly retouched. There is no expectation from me about how baby should behave (alert or asleep). Baby is going to guide the session. What is most precious to me is that we capture this beautiful time in your life.

I LOVE natural light and capturing babies and families in the natural light in their own homes. We will be embracing your home’s natural light (open up those window blinds!), turning off the overhead lights, and taking advantage of the natural brightness as much as possible. I’ll pop you all next to windows for most for our pictures — we will take full advantage of the light coming into your house. Even on the cloudiest (and even rainiest too!) days, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with how much the outside light comes in to give you the best possible pictures!

If the natural light is not sufficient enough (trust me I get it, some houses are dark!) I will use my flash at a very low power to bounce off of the ceiling or wall to add just enough light to illuminate you all in your space.

To prepare ahead of time, when I arrive we will walk around the house and check out the lighting in every room (usually the best lighting is in the bedrooms or living room)

Try and feed babe shortly before your session time, but there is NO need to over feed, we will go at baby's pace! This ensures we start with a content, and hopefully happy baby for our pictures! If you would like any feeding/nursing pictures, we absolutely can do this at the beginning of the session…so hold off feeding babe until I get there and we’ll get some feeding/nursing pics done first!

Turn up that heat! I’ve found that baby is soooooo much happier in a warm environment. This allows for babe to be comfortable for any naked/diaper pictures and isn’t so upset to have their clothes changed if the house is extra warm.

Since this is a lifestyle, it is very heavy on the candid and documentary nature of a session, however I always bring a few blankets and swaddles (and a Moses basket) for some pictures of just baby. Your newborn is perfect as they are and although I may wrap baby up for a portion of your session, I will never try to get baby to sleep, or put them in unnatural poses. If there is anything special that you’d want to include that is absolutely encouraged! You can absolutely round up your own items to incorporate into photos, such as your own swaddles, hats, basket, headbands, outfits, etc… for babe.

I suggest you have your newborn in a simple onesie that is form fitting with no graphics or words. This usually means you will need a preemie or newborn sized onesie. I will likely take it off and get some nude or near nude newborn photos as well. As for the rest of the family, I highly recommend going through the "Let's talk wardrobe!" section of this page. Ultimately it is most important that you are comfortable and confident in these newly postpartum days!

Your newborn's siblings are going through a major change right now. I have three kiddos myself, and so I understand the dynamic of bringing a new baby home. I like to try and get some sibling pictures first. Starting off with siblings allows them some time to have a "break" and go play while I get mom and dad shots. Just like with your newborn, I have no expectation for how the siblings should behave. I will never force them to do something they're not comfortable with. It's best to prepare the older children ahead of time and not surprise them with my presence in their home. I like to tell my parents, as an example, they can tell them a friend is coming over to visit and take some pictures of the family.

Most importantly we are going to have fun! (Cheesy I know, but true) If your have any questions feel free to reach out!

DC area maternity photographer

Your Maternity Session

The fact that you are able to grow and house a whole human is absolutely amazing!! Our bodies have been given the incredible gift of growing these little blessings, and you deserve to be remembered at your “fullest”. Maternity pictures are traditionally done between 30-37 weeks of pregnancy, where you aren’t totally swollen, but you belly is still nice and perky!

Many expecting mothers like to take advantage of the beautiful scenery here in North Carolina, but some prefer the intimacy of their home. Either is fine with me!

Your maternity session is for you, your significant other, and immediate family (other children). Pets are always welcome! If your other children are going to be included, please know I am prepared for them to be energetic and silly. For more tips about sessions with kids see "Let kids be kids" below!

My goal is to capture the beauty that is YOUR pregnant body, while also capturing the connection with your little person you're creating. This is such fun celebration of the last moments you are a family of 2, 3, 4, or whatever size your family is right now!

I have a small but growing "mama" closet you can borrow from with women's/maternity dresses. You can of course wear something you already own and feel special in, but this eliminates the need to go out and buy a dress just for this occasion. You can set up an appointment to come try on, or I can fully style your family for you by request, by providing shopping links. I currently carry woman's XS-XL.

Please plan to try on or be styled at least one full week before your session at minimum.

Fresh 48 Session Fayetteville NC

Your Fresh 48 Session

Your fresh 48 session is done within the first 48 hours of your baby's BIRTH day. A birth space session is the perfect way to remember those fleeting first moments. As a mother of three, I have a deep understanding for how raw and precious those moments are.

All you do is text me when the baby arrives and I capture the baby in the first 48 hours. If you deliver in a hospital, I come before discharge. If you deliver at a birth center, discharge is rather fast, so I typically meet you in your home. However, depending on the time of day or night the birth is, I may be able to make it. If you deliver at home, I come to the home in the first 48 hours. I capture all the little details of the new baby, genuine interactions between family members, nursing, and all the moments in between. This session is designed to be stress free. I simply observe and capture. 

Family photography in Fayetteville NC

Your Family Session

The goal is not to get a stiff and posed shot with everyone looking at the camera, but to capture the true essence of your family. I take a documentary approach to photography and use my understanding of my equipment and natural light to create images that will become works of art you can hang in your home and pass down for generations. Here are a few tips to help you prepare for your session with me.

As much as we want everything to be perfect, try not to stress small things - like adjusting your hair or stepping in front of a shot to fix your kiddos hair/outfit. Sometimes we have to move fast and only have one chance at the shot when a toddler is "cooperating" and you don't want your hand up fixing your hair in that moment. Also hair blowing in the wind is SO PRETTY!  One of my favorite details to capture.

I will fiix anything that needs fixed, just enjoy the moment and let go of those worries.

I will make sure and grab at least one photo of the whole family smiling.

The rest of the time I will be documenting your family as you are. I'll make sure each child has a few photos were they're the "focus", but since I am not a traditional portrait photographer, I do not do solos of each kid, but I provide them as you see below - the moment is focused on them as the rest of the family's details are still present.

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We will discuss location via email soon. Please keep in mind, you may request a location of your choosing - however, if I have  never used the location before I am going to need to scout the area to see if I can accommodate. Otherwise we will choose a location I know photographs well.

If you are booking a sunrise or sunset session the goal is to maximize the amount of time the sky Is pretty and the light is good. This means in order to get the most out of your session, you will need to be ON TIME. Especially sunset "golden hour" sessions!

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Let Kids be Kids!

Getting kids on board can feel overwhelming and a little bit tricky so here are some tips from a photographer who has been getting cranky kids to relax for a while now.

Biggest tip I can offer is to let them be. Kids are not going to be able to sit and smile for long and thats the beauty of my photography style- THEY DON'T NEED TO! The best photos I capture are when you are playing with your kids and just letting them be themselves.

Try to avoid punishing them during the shoot. Also, I know it's hard (trust me I do) but don't bark at them to smile or smile better or to look at me. I will let them know what I want & sometimes that includes not looking at me at all.

I always tells parents, "You can't hear photos" and that is something to remember at your shoot. You can see faces and tension very well in photos, but that sound of your toddler screaming? No one will know! I will pose them away if this happens and you can snuggle them close and smile through the chaos. Remember to smile and relax. If your child needs a break- that is okay too.

Anything extra I need to know about your kiddos and what they love (certain songs or shows etc) is very helpful and should be mentioned in your questionnaire answers.

My outdoor sessions happen at sunset. Sometimes this is pretty late in the evening, so be sure to adjust nap schedules for the day if you have littles who go to bed early! I love that "golden hour" for outdoor shoots. So the little bit of schedule adjusting will be worth it I promise!

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Let's talk wardrobe!

What makes your photos tell the story of your family, while also looking like my art, are so many elements meeting up at once. First thing is timing.  If we are shooting outside I like to shoot at sunrise or sunset. Then (and most importantly!!) it's your family's love and joy. Lastly, it's the clothing you wear. The colors, the fit, the textures, all add to the polish of the overall image.

Everyone should coordinate but not match-

No one should be wearing the same two exact colors or having kiddos in the exact same matching outfit. Olive & mustard coordinate for example.

You need to mix and match textures/patterns/solids-

Make sure you have a good mix of patterns/solids. We need to break up the wardrobe in that way, as well as some different textures. (think lace, or a knit sweater) All these combos equal MAGIC.

Movement is key!-

Mom this tip is for you!! I want you able to move comfortably and I also want your outfit to have some flow so we can capture it flowing as you play with your kiddos.

I do have "brand colors" that I especially love using in wardrobes!! Obviously we may have different tastes, but these colors look nice together and is a great example of how colors can coordinate to create a stunning palette.

Personal Branding Photographer North Carolina

Let's talk about accessories-

Taking family photos is an occasion that is SPECIAL and you should celebrate it as such.

Moms - use it as a time to get your hair/makeup and nails done. Those details do matter.  "Treat yo self!"

Wear accessories that make you feel pretty - hats, belts, not every day jewelry etc.

Layer up with flowy cardigans, or an off the shoulder piece. Movement  and layers photograph AMAZINGLY!

For kids - flower crowns, tall socks, small non distracting bows, beanies and suspenders for boys.

Dont forget to go neutral on the shoes as well- brown boots/sandals etc.

What to AVOID-

  • Neons and extremely bright colors. Often times they don't photograph well and tend to make skin tones look funny.
  • Characters. We don't want them to be too much of a distraction when the focus should be your beautiful faces! If you want to showcase your little one’s favorite character, I totally understand. Sometimes they are a very big part of our kid's lives in this season of life, and I am all about capturing the authentic beauty of your family! However, let’s maybe incorporate the character by involving a stuffed animal or something along those lines.
  • Sports teams. I love that your interests are a big part of who you are, but most times these kinds of clothing items have big wording and can bunch up, and be a distraction.
  • Logos and words. When you are moving around the words get all bunched up and sometimes become impossible to read.
  • Let's avoid multiple patterns. If one person chooses a pattern thats fine, but normally its best to have the rest of the family coordinate with solids and neutrals to avoid accidentally clashing.
  • Mixing black tones (grey, black) withdrawn ones (brown, tan, some shades of cream/off white)

Final Checklist-

  • Avoid wearing daily jewelry like apple watches.
  • Girls - check wrists for hair ties & remove them! (I will of course do my best to help you remember this one)
  • Wear a bra that doesnt show or need adjustments.
  • Dads - empty those pockets full of cell phone/wallet/keys
  • Avoid character shoes/ sports shoes.
  • If your child has a stuffed animal or toy they are attached to, only bring it if you are ok with it being in the photos. (Sometimes this is a personal touch you'll want to remember, other times you'll want to leave it behind) Taking pictures isn't normal for the kids, it can be hard for kids to part with their special item during photos.
  • If your baby/toddler has a hard time not using a pacifier it might  be a good idea to bring a nuetral colored option so they can have it during the shoot.
  • If you are feeling unsure at all, feel free to text or email me pictures of your outfits and I am more that willing to help/give suggestions.

If you have ANY questions at all please don't hesitate to reach out! I am here to make this an easy process for you and your family!